#FeedonThis: To trade or not to trade? That’s the Bulls question

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CHICAGO - Just two games over .500 with team that was actually built for another coach, the Bulls have some major decisions to make.

Should they try to trade a Pau Gasol before he can opt out of his contract next year and get something for him? Should they look to ship Taj Gibson to a title contender in exchange for a draft pick?

These are the questions that Bulls fans will ask over the next day or so leading up to the 2 PM Central Time trade deadline.

Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman debated what the Bulls should do at the deadline on Wednesday's Sports Feed. That segment is apart of February 17th's #FeedonThis for the show and you can watch it in the video above.

Also on the show this Wednesday was an entertaining Social Fodder.

One trick dunk team put on a truly "Smashing" performance along with a Cubs slugger down at Spring Training. Another epic bat flip has made it's way to the internet while a soccer goal from Malaysia defies physics so much that it causes Jarrett to sit down.

To watch that, click on the video directly above.