Women bike messengers want an end to cat calls and harrassment

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CHICAGO -- The Women’s Bike Messenger Association in Chicago has a new video out pushing for an end to cat calling and harassment on the streets.  

Kelsey Phillips is a bike messenger in Chicago. She says she deals with cat calling and harassment everyday.

Another female bike messenger, Sarah Johnson, said she was touched on her leg by a passenger who actually touched her leg, saying he wanted to check out her tattoo.

It’s something her male co-workers say they don’t have to experience.

The women’s bike messenger association and “Cut Cats Courier” just released this PSA today, created by Phillips and Bauer.

In the raw video, female messengers share how they feel about cat calling and harassment on the job.

Their message: cat calling and harassment in any profession is not ok.

The couriers say they’re trying to turn their negative experiences into a positive by pushing for change.

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