Dispatcher audio reveals 15 minutes passed before police deployed to Shell robbery

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CHICAGO -- In audio obtained by a scanner site, an emergency dispatcher notes that 15 minutes pass before police are deployed to a robbery at a Shell Gas Station at 87th and State.

It happened around 9:50 a.m.

Mike, a customer, was inside the station paying for gas.

Two young men wearing Ninja masks stormed the station. One of the robbers pointed a gun at Mike, while the other demanded money from the store clerk.

Mike thought he was going to die.

When the robbers fled, Mike called 911.

“I’m screaming on the phone. I’m giving them full what they look like. I’m talking to them. And I’m telling them “where they at?” I’m still on the phone with them. 15 minutes done passed and I’m steady asking them. No nothing,” he said.

In tears, Mike called his friend activist Andrew Holmes and told him police were not there yet.

Holmes phoned 911 and spoke to a different dispatcher but he didn’t any luck either.

Holmes says the dispatcher hung up on him.

“If they can’t get through to a dispatcher or they can’t get any help and they call their family or they call somebody, still take the call. Don’t hang up on me. Don’t hang up on me. Cause if you hang up on me then you’re hanging up on a lot of citizens of Chicago. And that person needs to reprimanded. I’m asking them to pull his tapes, too,” said Holmes.

He called his friends at CPD who finally dispatched help. But a state trooper who was across the street was first on the scene.

For Janet Cooksey, the mother of Quintonio LeGrier, today’s challenges with emergency dispatch felt familiar.

19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier begged to have officers sent to his father’s home.

Initially they were not dispatched. When police did arrive, LeGrier was shot dead by an officer.

I was saying I know this is not happening again. It’s like 9-1-1 emergency has a disregard for the citizens of Chicago’s safety, said Janet Cooksey.

Two 911 call takers involved in Quintonio LeGrier’s fatal shooting has been suspended without pay after.

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