Chicago Scene: DIY Valentine’s Day candy treat ideas from Wilton

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Desiree Smith


Wilton Candy Dipped Heart Pretzels

Choose a base color for the pretzel to be coated in and melt Candy Melts according to package directions. Dip pretzel twists into the melted candy (a fork works great!) and place pretzels on parchment paper to set. Pop them in the fridge for about 10 minutes to speed things up.

While the candy on the pretzels is setting, melt down your second color choice. I used a disposable decorating bag to pipe the hearts onto the pretzels. I found it helpful to fill the pretzel cavities first, then pipe the heart shape on top and fill it in. Piping the cavities first helped prevent the heart from sinking.

Finish off with colored sugars and/or a small heart icing decoration. Place back in the fridge for 10 minutes or so until firm.


Wilton Candy Bark Cereal Treat Hearts

Make candy bark hearts. One day in advance of serving, mix together Red nonpareils and jimmies on a plate. Melt White Candy Melts candy following package directions. Divide equally between heart pans (about 2 oz. each); tap to spread candy evenly in pan and remove air bubbles. Immediately sprinkle nonpareil mixture over candy, then arrow mix; tap to make sure sprinkles adhere. Chill until set, about 10-15 minutes. Remove candy from pans.

Make crisp rice cereal treat recipe. Make 1-1/2 batches of your favorite crisp rice treats. Spray pans with vegetable pan spray. Press cereal mixture into the pans, dividing equally. Let set in pan 10-15 minutes to firm up. Remove from pan; cool completely.

Tint icing. Tint buttercream icing red.

Decorate treats. Break candy bark into pieces. Use spatula to spread 1-3/4 cups of icing on top of cereal treats. Position broken pieces of candy on icing, following the shape of the cereal treat.


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