Woman realizes she’s pregnant after strange data on her Fitbit

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NEW YORK, NY — A New York city couple is having a baby, according to their Fitbit.

David had two goals for 2016: To try and get in shape and have a baby with his wife Ivonne – not necessarily in that order.

David received a Fitbit for Christmas which inspired him to exercise but when his wife tried it, the device reported some unusual data.

Ivonne’s heart rate was high, sometimes up to 110 beats a minute. The Mayo Clinic says a normal adult resting heart rate is 60 to 100 beats a minute.

She thought there was something wrong with the Fitbit, so asked her husband to look at it.

David took his issue to a Reddit forum for Fitbit users, asking whether he should return it.

Someone posted that maybe Ivonne was pregnant.

“I never even knew that was a legitimate symptom,” told Buzzfeed.

After the initial shock, David told his wife, who took a test and it came back positive.

“We were both obviously very surprised, very happy,” he said.

The couple only wanted to use their first names for this story because they’re only one month into the pregnancy and haven’t told many family or friends yet.

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