Woman hit by driver fleeing from fight caught on video

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BALTIMORE, Md. —  A driver was trying to avoid some angry people, when he crashed several times.

A witness was video recording the incident from an apartment.

It starts when two men are pounding on the van’s window.

That’s when the van tries to escape by going forward and hits the car in front.

The van’s wheels screech on the road as it tried to push the car out of its way.

That’s when the van went in reverse before going forward again and hitting the same car.

“For a second I wanted to yell down to people, but they’re not going to listen to me, everybody needs to get out of here now, because the guy is kind of crazy at this moment,” said the witness.

The men who were pounding on the glass got the van’s doors open.

But that’s when the van went in reverse, toward a woman on the sidewalk.

“You hear a guy yelling that he hit someone twice, I assumed he could have hit someone, but I didn’t realize it turned out to be as bad as it was,” said the witness.

“We’re very fortunate that there weren’t more serious injuries, but we have a 27 year old woman who is suffering from some serious injuries and its just remarkably that their non-life threatening,” said Baltimore Police Director T.J. Smith.

After hitting the woman, the van continued down the sidewalk and fled into the intersection.

Police eventually arrested Orlando Redd.

He faces many charges, including assault.