24 hours with the Lurie Children’s Hospital transport team

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CHICAGO -- In Monday night’s Cover Story: the sickest children, and the rapid transport to save their lives. Medical reporter Dina Bair brings us a unique perspective of what happens after the emergency call for a helicopter comes in.

The best -- and sometimes the last – chance for survival for sick kids begins atop the helipad at Lurie Children's Hospital. When children, some critically ill, require a level of care many community hospitals simply can’t provide, the Lurie transport team kicks into action.

WGN was given unprecedented access, spending nearly 24 hours with the team. Then, in the middle of the night came an urgent call, and a transport that changed the course of one family’s life.

In part two of the story, a helicopter transport gets a little girl to the best place for care.

But now the huge task of diagnosing and treating her.

Medical reporter Dina Bair picks up the story of the Lurie transport team.

WGN brought you along for the ride with the transport team spending 24 hours in awe of their role and responsibility.

But in the process we were captivated by a little girl in a medical crisis.

So we continue the story of Bella who won over not only the medical transport team, but our crew as well.