Connie’s Pizza ready for hungry Chicagoans on Super Bowl Sunday

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CHICAGO -- The Super Bowl is one of the five busiest days of the year for pizza delivery, so Connie's Pizza on the city's South Side has been working around the clock. It's is one of two locations that handles all of the Connie's orders in the city.

"This is our busiest delivery day and our biggest carry-out day. We rack out a lot of pizza," said owner Mike Stolfe.

The orders started early Sunday morning, people calling in advance to request that their food be delivered during the game.

Connie's sold more than 3,000 pizzas last Super Bowl Sunday, and this year they expect to hit that number again.

It'll take about 2,000 pounds of dough and 1,100 pounds of cheese.

On Sunday night, 40 people are manning the kitchen. That's almost as many people as an NFL roster.

"You know, like at a football game, you have the camaraderie, you have a hard fought game and you win, that's what it's like in here for us," Stolfe said. "You know everybody gets geared up and you have a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of adrenaline."

Behind the kitchen, an army of delivery drivers standing by for the next order. They'll fan out across Chicago in one of the fleet's 40 delivery trucks, each equipped with warming unit.

"It is a very good day for us. It is a very good day. We do a lot of business tonight," Stolfe said.

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