Fake kidnapping plot foiled by Bridgeview police

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(L-R) Joseph Vicario, Amanda Woods, Shane Ablan

BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. – Three people were charged with felony disorderly conduct after a fake kidnapping plot to pay for gambling debts.

Joseph Vicario, 25, of Oak Lawn, confessed to the scheme.

He was found by police, along with his girlfriend, Amanda Woods, 21, and friend Shane Ablan, 26, of Chicago Ridge.

Police say Vicario’s mother, Mrs. Rose Vicario, 44, received a phone call on Friday night, Woods called to say she and Joseph were being held by unknown assailants and would not release them until she paid $3,000 ransom.

During another call, Mrs. Vicario said she could hear her son being beaten in the background and yelling, “Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me.”

She said she received various text messages from her son’s cell phone, increasing the ransom money from $3,000 to $4,000.

Mrs. Vicario immediately called Bridgeview Police who used “ping” technology to track down her son’s cell phone to find his location.

An All-points Bulletin was released and police tracked the car travelling around Oak Lawn and Chicago Ridge.

Oak Lawn Police found and stopped the vehicle and found all three inside, asking if they were ok, suspecting a possible kidnap scenario.

Bridgeview Police took the three back to headquarters where Vicario confessed to the scheme to pay his gambling debts.

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