Robert Gates goes one-on-one with WGN’s Paul Lisnek

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CHICAGO – Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates discussed his new book, “Passion for Leadership: Lessons on Change and Reform after Fifty Years in Community Service” at the Union League Club's author luncheon.

The book looks at traits and characteristics of an effective leader.

Amongst some of the topic’s discussed by WGN’s Political Reporter Paul Lisnek is what Gates thinks about the Republican front runners Trump and Cruz' strong language suggesting that the United States  wipe out ISIS.

Secretary Gates also worked closely on foreign policy with his former colleague Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who continues to address the ongoing issues regarding her use of a personal server to handle emails.

Gates was quite clear that he had concerns over Clinton’s use of a personal server; it certainly isn't the way he worked.

Regarding the current president, Dr. Gates said Obama believes he is the smartest guy in the room but always listened to what Gates had to say even in moments of disagreement.

As for leaders handling a crisis, like the governor of Michigan addressing the water crisis in Flint, Gates was more concerned with what a leader does to address and resolve the problem than in placing blame.

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