Doomsday Clock stays same – 3 min to midnight

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CHICAGO -- Members of the Chicago-based “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” revealed the clock’s unchanging time simultaneously this afternoon in Washington and at Stanford University in California, stressing the stalemate is not positive.

Three minutes til is the closest the clock has been to midnight – and the metaphorical destruction of the planet - since 1983 and the Cold War.

The board determined this year was filled with mixed developments: positive news in the Iran nuclear agreement and the Paris Accord on climate change.

But the board cited concerns including nuclear risks in North Korea, increasing tensions between Pakistan and India, as well as the U.S. and Russia modernizing their arsenal.

While the Iran deal received praise, experts say world leaders must realize there is no way to prevent future Irans.

And while global involvement in the Paris Accord was substantial, major challenges in global warming previously laid out have not been addressed.

California Governor Jerry Brown among those discussing today’s announcement with experts in California say people need to push their politicians.

And politicians have to stop shying away from tough discussions, regardless of the political season.