Dress code debate at Kentucky high school

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BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – Amanda Durbin, a senior high school student from Brownsville, Kentucky, was sent home on Friday after wearing a red knit dress, just above her knees and black opaque leggings.

School officials deemed her outfit out of dress code.

“I felt like I was somebody that had done something wrong even though I know I hadn’t,” said Durbin.

Students at Edmonson County High School must not have garments — skirts or shorts — six inches above the floor when kneeling, according to Principal Tommy Hodges.

There were at least 30 to 40 more students who were sent home to change, according to Durbin, adding “Some of them were wearing the same thing I was wearing.”

“As of a teachers’ meeting Wednesday afternoon, we’ve told the teachers we need to be more consistent and we need to look at the dress code to make sure we’re enforcing it,” Principal Hodges said in an interview.

The principal said many boys were also written up because of dress code violations.

The school added that they’re talking to students about jeans with holes showing skin, which is also an issue.

“I’ve had people saying that’s something they would wear to church. If it’s appropriate for you to go to church in, why isn’t it appropriate for you to go to school in?” asked Amanda’s mother, Alexandria.

“We’re not a church, we’re not a business, we’re a school. It’s where kids are learning and we’re trying to educate them everyday. Whether the dress code is a little more strict or a little more relaxed, we’re a different entity than everything that has been mentioned,” said Principal Hodges.

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