Spike Lee on ‘Chi-Raq’ being too sensitive for some people: So what?

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CHICAGO -- Director Spike Lee was in Chicago Thursday and stopped by WGN-TV.

WGN’s Dean Richards talked with him one-on-one about his controversial film, "Chi-Raq."

During the interview, Dean asked Spike if there was anything he would change about the movie - his answer was, "No. Look, I can't help if people don't know what satire is."

Dean mentioned that some young people from Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, who have lost loved ones, felt "Chi-Raq" was too painful for them and made a mockery of murders.

Spike responded by asking why Jennifer Hudson and 50 others who lost loved ones to gun violence would choose to be in a film that made a mockery of their deaths?

Dean then asked him if he could appreciate that the film was too sensitive for some people.

Spike replied: "So was Schindler's List. So what? People thought that about Schindler's List."

Full interview with Spike Lee (below):