Dashcam video captures truck flip, passenger flying through the air

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JATAI, BRAZIL-- Dashcam video was rolling when a man and his friend were involved in a car accident on a highway near Jatai that could have really changed their lives.

WARNING: This video may be considered graphic by some viewers. Discretion advised.

It all happened Sunday in the south-central Brazilian state of Goias.

The video shows the driver losing control of his truck, causing it to flip multiple times, lose tires and even eject the passenger from the car's window.

Debris can be seen flying off the truck and across the road.

Both men survived the crash, but the passenger suffered a broken leg. He is in stable condition but will need to have surgery on his leg.

It is not clear what caused the driver to lose control but he did say he had been drinking before the crash.

Police say the man was given a breathalyzer but did not blow over the legal limit.

No one else was injured in the accident.