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10 major companies admit they don’t hire enough women — and they’re doing something about it

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Ten of the world's leading companies admit they have issues with gender inequality,  but they're pledging to do something about it.

A report released Friday by the United Nation's HeForShe campaign contains data from Fortune 500 companies showing that on average women represent about 40 percent of the workforce, but most are in lower level positions. At the top, women are much harder to find.

Meanwhile men hold over 70 percent of senior management jobs.

The companies mentioned in the report include AccorHotels, Barclays, Koc Holding, McKinsey & Company, PwC, Schneider Electric, Tupperware Brands, Twitter, Unilever and Vodafone. Together they employ around a million people in 190 countries.

Aside from Twitter, this is the first time the companies are publicly sharing internal data of this kind. Their CEOs, all of whom are men, laid out goals to increase the number of women working at all levels.

Some of the companies also say they're keeping track of promotions, firings and compensation when it comes to gender.