WGN sports anchor responds to Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Bonner, Bonner, Bonner!’

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In case you missed it, a clip of WGN's Pat Tomasulo made it on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night.

In the clip, Tomasulo reported on FC Dallas' MLS Super Draft pick - Colin Bonner - and his very interesting Instagram handle: @ragingbonner.

But instead of reading Bonner's Instagram name, Tomasulo directed viewers to the "bottom left" of the screen.

Kimmel poked fun at Tomasulo for not actually saying Bonner's Instagram name. "Say it! Read his Instagram name. You have to, it's the news. It's like the law," Kimmel said.

Well, Tomasulo says Kimmel is wrong.  He did say Bonner's name multiple times during that segment -- and is not afraid to say it again!

Watch his hilarious response in the video player above