Travelers prepare for East Coast storm; airlines cancel hundreds of flights

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CHICAGO--  It’s no question-- flights all weekend long to the East Coast will be impacted, airlines have already canceled hundreds heading that way. But they are also waiving change fees-- all to get people in or out of the East Coast before the storm.

When we do stories out at the airport you can almost always count on long lines, angry passengers and flight boards filled with words like delayed or canceled.

But there are no lines, few if any delays or cancellations and all these passengers are very, very happy.

They are some of the lucky ones, who got out of D.C. ahead of the storm and they did it with a little help from the airlines.

Chris Moran said he’s “Never been blitzed by United or any other airline before or any other airline to like get out of town 48 hours ahead of time.”

She along with Hannah post weren’t supposed to leave Washington D.C. until well after the snow storm hit.

If they would have taken their scheduled flights they likely would have had an extended stay in D.C.

For Hannah it would have meant missing a very special weekend at home with her family-- Happy birthday Hannah’s mom!

But a little serious now, this storm will likely shut down many airports over the weekend and cancel a lot more flights heading in that direction so get ready for a long weekend.