Parents, students end sit-in protesting CPS consolidation

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CHICAGO -- A group of parents and students in Little Village ended a brief sit-in at the Saucedo Scholastic Academy.  But the fight is still on because a proposal to consolidate three schools is still on the table.

The school board announced last month, it intends to relocate students from Spry Community Links High School into the building housing Saucedo and Telpochcalli Elementary schools, then rehab the building to accommodate the additional students.

Parents and activists held a news conference this morning, hours after ending their sit-in at Saucedo.  About 40 protesters spent nearly five hours inside the school last night.

They want school officials to postpone any decision for at least a year.

Community activists say Saucedo is already at 87 percent of capacity, and Telpochcalli is at 99 percent of capacity, so there is no space for any additional students.

Saucedo parents say the proposal would be too disruptive for their kids.

CPS says it will carefully consider the opinions and comments of the community before it makes a final decision on the proposed merger.  A public hearing on the proposal will take place at CPS headquarters next Wednesday.