Dad, firefighters deliver baby, save her life

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PARK RIDGE, Ill.-- This is a story about all of the people who came together to try to save a baby girl's life in Park Ridge, Thursday afternoon.

Ivelina Ivanova said she “didn't expect to have a home delivery, but contractions came very quickly.” Her husband dialed 911.

The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. She wasn't breathing.

Marc Quattrocchi an alarm operator with the Red Center answered the emergency call and talked the father through the complicated delivery.

Minutes later, Park Ridge firefighter-paramedics Aaron Kuester, Chris Cleary, and Bill Smaha arrived at the family's home and worked rapidly to get the baby breathing.

“This might be a once in a lifetime call," said Smaha.

Baby, mom, and dad are doing just fine at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge.