Possible new planet discovered

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CHICAGO -- In 2006, scientists determined Pluto is a dwarf planet and took it out of the list of major planets we all grew up studying.

So this newest discovery could become the 9th discovered planet. But the fact is no one has seen it just yet.

Planet 9 is on the other side of the sun - which is part of the reason it hasn't been spotted yet.

The 2 Cal Tech scientists who published their findings released today say it is likely ten times the size of our earth.

The surface of this new possible planet is unknown right now.

Scientists say it’s possible to see the planet when its closest to the sun.

The most powerful telescopes on this planet are now trying to catch a glimpse.

The Adler Planetarium will feature a sky show  in late May : "Digging Deeper into Pluto, the Kuiper belt and the Possible Discovery of Planet 9."


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