Chicagoans get ready for the cold … again

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CHICAGO -- It’s Chicago and we’re used to it. But this is the kind of weather that we can’t take for granted.

Saturday was a lovely day here in Chicago for this time of year.  We ran into a few tourists out sightseeing. But tomorrow, will be a different story; folks are going to be bundled up with layers. In fact, tomorrow will be the kind of day where if you don’t have to go outside, don’t.

Now, one thing people should remember in this weather is the important of caring for your vehicle.

Car-X: Tire & Auto on the city’s North Side was packed today with people getting a winter inspection. They recommend a battery electoral system test, a check of your car’s fluids, an inspection of the vehicles belt, a check for coolant leaks, and last but not least, you have to inspect your tires. It's recommended that you do that using a tire pressure monitor.

Mechanics say all of these checks can be done by bringing your car in for an inspection.

Think of it this way: if you wanna look good, you work out. If you want your car to run good, you gotta get it checked.

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