Married couple from Chicago sells their stuff so they can travel for year

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CHICAGO -- Chicago couple Nate and Jessica Baumgart have only been married since July.

But now they're getting ready to put that marriage to a global test.

They sold all their belongings and quit their jobs so they can embark on a one-year trip around the world.

They leave January 8 for their first their first stop, Colombia.

They have saved enough to raise $75,000.

They rented out their apartment, sold their belongings, asked for cash as wedding gifts, lived on one salary, and held various odd jobs.

The Baumgarts decided they wanted to do this before babies, careers and mortgage payments.

They're going to a new country every month, bringing only what they can carry.

The itinerary includes:  Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa, East Africa, Italy, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

You can follow their trip online, at

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