How can I watch WGN 9 Chicago Cubs 2018 games outside the Chicago viewing area?

Q: How can I watch WGN 9 Chicago Cubs games outside the Chicago viewing area?
A: Most Chicago Cubs games seen on WGN 9 Chicago can be also seen outside the Chicago viewing area on the following WGN Cubs local TV station affiliates…

Click here to view our Chicago Cubs TV schedule. The same games are also available throughout most of the U.S. on MLB Extra Innings.

Q: Why are the edges of my picture clipped and I’m unable to see the top half of the baseball scorebox?
A: The video output resolution on your receiver box was likely set to “16:9, 720p HD.” The correct setting is “16:9, 1080i HD” or “16:9, 1080p60 HD.” If none of the video output resolution options on your box resolves your issue, here’s a list of common zoom button options you may check on your television…

  • Samsung: P.Size
  • Sharp: View Mode
  • Sony: Wide
  • LG: Ratio or Zoom