Jay Cutler’s future with the Bears seems set, but Adam Gase is a different story

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LAKE FOREST – It might still be hard to tell if it was the 2014 or the 2015 version of the quarterback talking.

Jay Cutler’s not one for giving away a lot with body language. Sometimes it’s the same with the language itself.

That was the case again on Thursday at Halas Hall as he met with the media in what was a rare indoor news conference in 2015.

“Why wouldn’t I be?,” said Cutler when asked if he wants to be with the Bears next season. “I definitely want to be here. I wanted to be here last year whenever things did go bad.”

Many didn’t want that back then but have things changed over the last year. That’s what happens when you get a new head coach, offensive coordinator and cut the turnovers in half.

While Cutler’s tone about wanting to stay has remained steadfast there are now others outside and maybe inside Halas Hall who would like to see that happen in 2016. He’s got 19 touchdowns compared to just eight interceptions-down ten from last season-and has won over some fans who’ve turned their boos toward him into cheers.

But if you looking for a change in Cutler himself, perhaps its his tone about what he has in the locker room and the coaching staff that he didn’t a year ago. There a noticed difference in his prose is noticed.

“They’re definitely different,” said Cutler of circumstances surrounding himself and the team. “I think everyone in that locker room really enjoys being here, enjoys Coach (John) Fox, enjoys the position coaches, there is a lot of energy in the building. You can definitely see that Fox and (General Manager) Ryan Pace know what good players look like.

“They’re trying to bring more in the building.”

Unfortunately for Cutler and the Bears they might have to do that quickly once the season ends after the Lions’ game on Sunday. Offensive coordinator Adam Gase, whose adaptable offensive scheme has allowed the quarterback to do more with less this season, will be a candidate for a number of head coaching jobs and will likely be headed elsewhere for 2016.

That was almost the case in 2015 when Gase had a few interviews for head coaching positions but didn’t get them and opted to rejoin Fox in Chicago after working for him in Denver.

“The fact I went through that experience was good but right now it’s such a hard thing to focus on because this week there is so much that’s involved in-game planning from week to week it’s hard to worry about anything past this week,” said Gase when asked about possible head coach openings.

Cutler’s completely aware of the fact that the man who helped to win back some fans in Chicago might be elsewhere when he returns in 2016. While he’d like to have him back, the quarterback’s not going to fret about Gase’s ascension in the coaching world.

“I think he’s going to be good,” said Cutler when asked what kind of head coach Gase would make in the NFL. “If he gets that shot I’m excited for him. I think he deserves it and he’s done some really good things in this league and they speak for themselves. Whether it’s Tim Tebow or Peyton or myself or Kyle Orton, whoever he’s worked with he’s found ways to manage the system and make him successful.”

Especially Gase’s most recent signalcaller, who has changed the rhetoric from negative to positive in 12 short months.

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