Chicago-bound flight makes emergency landing at Oakland Airport

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OAKLAND, Calif. -- A Chicago-bound flight has made a successful emergency landing at Oakland Airport to "check a maintenance item on the aircraft."

Southwest Airlines Flight 2547 circled the airport for several hours to burn up fuel to help make the emergency landing.

The plane departed Oakland around 6 a.m. Wednesday and was scheduled to land at Chicago's Midway Airport at 10 a.m, according to the company's website. The flight status has now been changed to 'cancelled.'

The captain made the decision to return the plane to Oakland to address the maintenance issue.

Southwest released this statement:

Flight 2547 departed Oakland for Chicago Midway with 139 passengers onboard. After takeoff, the Captain in Command made the decision to return to Oakland to check a maintenance item on the aircraft. With everything we do, Safety is of paramount importance and we appreciate our Customers’ patience while we work to get them to their final destinations for the holiday.

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