Good Samaritan returns more than $1,000 in cash

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – A busy dad in Minnesota lost more than $1,000 in cash recently when he left it in an envelope on the roof of his car.

Now he’s looking for the people who found the cash, not because they took it, but because they returned it.  All of it.  And he wants to say thanks.

Justin Lovinella was shopping at a Costco with his two young children.

Between getting them out of the car and into a cart, he left an envelope  with $1,300 he earned as a men’s hair stylist on his car roof.

When he got out of the store, he found a note on his car.  A couple named Kathryn and Larry had found the envelope and waited for him for half an hour.  When he didn’t return, they turned in the envelope to the store.

Lovinella was thrilled to find the money, and to see people follow the golden rule.  He said if he ever found the couple, he’d give Larry free haircuts for a year.

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