Surveillance video surfaces of Chicago police shooting young man

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CHICAGO – New video has surfaced of a Chicago police officer shooting a young black man last June.

The attorney for Alfontish Cockerham released the video because he says this is yet another example of a Chicago police-involved shooting where the video evidence does not support the police account of what happened.

The video is from a business surveillance camera. You see Alfontish Cockerham as he looks over his shoulder, then he runs out of the frame followed by a police officer.

What happens next is a blur: After about two and a half seconds, Cockerham runs back into the frame, and you see a small dark object on the ground..

When the image comes back into focus, Cockerham is lying on the street with his hand up. He was shot  in the buttocks and groin. This happened near 71st and Merrill on June 20. The 23 year old who was known as "Nunu" was charged with aggravated battery to a police fficer and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. He died from his injuries several days later.

The family is planning to file a lawsuit next week.  The Independent Police Review Authority is still investigating this case.