Star Wars fans attempt to set record for largest lightsaber battle

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LOS ANGELES - Thousands of Star Wars fans gathered in Los Angeles and San Francicso Friday night for lightsaber battles.

Their goal is to set a new world record for the largest lightsaber battle over a 24-hour period.

There will be another round of battles Saturday night in San Diego and Seattle.

The numbers from all four cities will be combined and tallied on Monday.

The current record is 7,000 lightsabers set at Comicon in San Diego.

The film itself, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," is already breaking box office records.

Disney says the film will likely overtake the $208.8 million opening-weekend record of "Jurassic World" set in June.

"The Force Awakens" set a new record for Thursday night previews with  $57 million in tickets sold.

The film set another opening day record on Friday of $125 million.