Father upset over sixth grader’s ‘cocaine’ homework

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KELLER, Texas — A father in Texas says, he was speechless when he saw his sixth-grade son’s homework. He said the assignment looked to him like a “how-to” for becoming a drug dealer.

Cayden Pick, 11, missed a few days of school recently with strep throat, so when he went back to class at bear creek he needed to catch up. His dad Scott always looks at his assignments, and one in particular caught his eye.

“Walked by and noticed that in big bold letters across the front of his assignment it said ‘cocaine,'” Scott said.

A critical thinking exercise about sequences, following “The Cocaine Trade: From Field to Street.”

“I was shocked by it. It startled me. It took me aback for a second. I grabbed the paper immediately.” Scott said.

Keller Independent School District released a statement that says, in part: “The study sheet in question will be reviewed before being considered for future use.” And while Scott agrees the lesson has a “use,” maybe not in a 6th grade science class.

“Right now, I just don’t think it was age appropriate for him,” he said.