Couple turns an unimaginable loss into help, healing for other families

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CHICAGO -- A Chicago couple who experienced an unfathomable loss is turning the tragedy into triumph and helping other families.

George and Suheily Davis married in November 2013 and a month later Suheily was pregnant.  For eight and a half months, Suheily and George prepared to welcome their little girl, Cadence.

A 3d ultrasound in July of 2014, would give them a clearer image of their baby girl but it was during that appointment technicians inform the couple they could not find a heartbeat for Cadence.

Suheily delivered Cadence who was stillborn.

The couple returned home from the hospital to constant reminders; Baby shower deliveries and a nursery that was near complete.

While the Davis’ tried to figure out what to do with all the gifts they’d been showered with, a tragedy was turned on its head.

“In that moment, it just made sense,” George says. “And just kind of from there, and having continued conversations about it, it was just like, ‘Let’s be that organization.  Let’s be that resource for people who could use the stuff.”

And “The Perfect Cadence” was born.

It is a non-profit with a goal of supporting families who have been through similar situations and providing for expecting couples that can’t afford to be showered with baby gifts.

“In my mind, it really is more selfish honestly,” Suheily says. “Like George said, we needed something to pour our energy into and we needed something to do to keep us going.”

And while plans were in the works to build their non-profit, the Davis’ received some unexpected news, six month after Cadence was stillborn.

In August of this year, the Davis’ welcomed their son, William Khari.

As the Davis’ raise their son, they’re working to build their organization with the support of friends and family.

“I think Cadence gave us the strength and the courage and the audacity to kind of do that. And to take that tragic event and move it in the direction of blessing people,” George says.

The Perfect Cadence will be holding its first round of showers for those who are in need in January.  The application process is now open.

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