San Bernardino emergency responders speak out for the first time

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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - The emergency crews that first arrived on the scene of the San Bernardino shooting are speaking out for the first time.

Sheriff's Detective Jorge Lozano says he was "just doing his job" when he told the people he would take a bullet to get them out of the building.

"We didn't have any cover, we didn't know where in the building the gunmen were, we didn't know exactly how many people were down, but we knew that we needed to get in there and save them, and that's what we've been trained to do," Lozano said.

One of the responders spoke while on crutches and said he now knows it was Tashfeen Malik who shot him. Another responder says he was scared of what was happening.

Investigators believe Syed Farook and another person have planned an attack in California in 2012. Their plans fell through due to several terrorist arrests in the area at that time.

Officials say Farook and Malik got two of their weapons years ago from a former neighbor who is now cooperating with authorities. The investigation is also tracking a $28,000 loan they received before the attack.