IDOT considering toll lane on Stevenson

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The Dept of Transportation in Illinois is considering a proposal that would create an express toll lane along the Stevenson.

IDOT knows it needs to do something to accommodate the added traffic between 355 and the Dan Ryan where more than 150,000 vehicles travel each day.

The proposed plan is to take that median lane and make it available to more than just Pace buses.

There are 5 options on the table..

The first to options are for HOVE lanes - high occupancy vehicles.   If a vehicle has more than two or perhaps three passengers, they’d be allowed to ride along the median lane for free.

The next two options are a mix of that and a paid lane called HOT - High Occupancy Toll Lane.  Solo drivers can use it if they pay or carpools with two, three or more passengers are free.

And finally, the ET option - Express Toll Lane.   All drivers would pay to ride on the new median lane.

IDOT currently doesn’t have authority to charge drivers to use an expressway so in order for that option to happen, they may have to look at some kind of private/public partnership.

IDOT is asking the public for its input tonight and will give its official recommendation next summer. The chosen plan could start as early as 2017.

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