‘Fashion Santa’ turns heads at Toronto shopping mall

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TORONTO -- Old Saint Nick is getting a new, hipster look.

Meet Fashion Santa. He's got a big following at a mall in Toronto and on social media.

Paul Mason thought of the idea two years ago when he grew a beard.

Mason has been a model for more than 30 years.

He works as one of 'Santa's Helpers' and he decided to give old Saint Nick a fresher, more fashionable look.

Some of his Santa-look is the same. The beard is white. The belt is black. But he has made some big changes.

He got rid of Santa’s traditional hat and updated his red jacket.

"You get people that are a little confused, but once they think about it for a second they warm up. I mean I am wearing a velvet jacket. It's Ferragamo but I am wearing a velvet jacket," Mason said.