Affordable housing debate begins in Wilmette

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WILMETTE, Ill. -- A local developer for the Housing Opportunity Development Corporation wants to develop affordable housing on the site of the now closed American Legion hall at 1925 Wilmette road in Wilmette, Ill.

The original proposal was for a three-story building containing 20 affordable studio and one-bedroom rental units and 20 parking spaces. Rents in the proposed building would range from $335 to $615, with set-asides for veterans and people with disabilities.

The proposal has been scaled back to 15 or 16 units.

HODC’s primary source of funding for the project is federal low-income tax credits. The project is facing strong opposition. A Facebook campaign is underway and a website has been established called Its rallying call: too big, too crowded and too many problems...

To quote the page in part,

“We are a group of Wilmette residents who are standing up for our own children, families, seniors, disabled, veterans, policemen, firemen and local workers and against an unwieldly large, high-density and high impact studio and one bedroom-only housing development targeted for single and “very low income” non-Wilmette residents under 65.”

Opponents have leveled that an existing affordable housing complex in neighboring Evanston, Ill., by the same developer is crime ridden.

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