More protests call for CPD changes

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CHICAGO – Reverend Jesse Jackson and members of the Rainbow PUSH coalition organized a march Sunday, which follows several other protests and rallies across the city over the past two weeks since the release of the Laquan McDonald shooting video.

On Sunday afternoon protesters marched from State and Van Buren down to the Thompson Center. They are demanding the appointment of a special state prosecutor to investigate the police shooting death of McDonald. Protesters say they don't feel Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez and her office can conduct a fair and just investigation.

They're upset it took 13 months to charge Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke with first degree murder in this case, and say they've lost trust in Alvarez and the police department.

Rainbow PUSH and other groups have called for a Justice Department investigation into the Chicago Police Department.

They say since 2014, the city has paid more than $50 million in settlements in cases of police misconduct, and more than half a billion dollars in the last 10 years – while they say in a majority of cases, the officers involved are not disciplined or fired.