Mayor Emanuel writes op-ed in response to Laquan McDonald criticism

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CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel strongly denies accusations that he publicly withheld the videotape of Laquan McDonald’s shooting death at the hands of a Chicago Police officer, because of the election.

But, Emanuel is taking responsibility for what happened.

He explained in an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune, that such evidence is never released before an investigation is compete.

Mayor Emanuel added that had he seen the video before its release, he might have broken protocol and called for it to come out sooner.

Emanuel wrote, “At the end of the day, I am the mayor and I own it. I take responsibility for what happened and I will fix it. Nothing less than complete and total reform of the system and the culture will meet the standards we have to set for ourselves.”

He also expressed that, “We cannot afford to have any resident of our city living in fear of the police and distrusting their words and actions. And we cannot allow the crimes of a small number of officers to taint the good work of the vast majority who put their lives on the line every day.”

Emanuel ended by promising higher standards for himself, and the next police superintendent.

“If any good comes from this tragedy, it should be a historic set of reforms that prevents abuses, promotes transparency and rebuilds the confidence of all Chicagoans that they will be treated fairly,” Emanuel wrote. “That is the marker I am setting for myself, the next police superintendent and the reform commission I’ve appointed. And it’s one by which I expect to be measured.”

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