Hoax bomb closes Des Plaines Goodwill for two hours

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Des Plaines, Ill. - Police evacuated a strip mall in Des Plaines for nearly two hours Saturday after someone dropped of a hoax bomb in a donation.

An employee called police after finding the device in a donation that had been dropped off at the store on Lee Street.

Des Plaines police say they isolated the device and called  the Cook County Sheriff's Police Bomb Squad

Police say technicians used a bomb dog to determine it was a hoax device. Des Plaines Police Chief William Kushner said, "it was an inert device made up of common materials made to look like it was an explosive device."

An investigation is ongoing.

"We don't know if it was a hoax device trying to illicit a response from law enforcement, if it was a probative attack to see what the response criteria would be or if it was just somebody just discarding something that they thought was cool to get rid of," said Kushner.