Groups call for changes to the way police are policed

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CHICAGO --  Following the release of dashcam video of a police officer shooting a teenager 16 times, groups are calling for sweeping changes to the way police are policed.

At a press conference Wednesday,  members of local chapters of the NAACP called for widespread reform. Among their recommendations: they want an elected police review board and an independent review into the Independent Police Review Authority or IPRA. IPRA has found most officer involved shootings in Chicago justified,even while the city paid out millions of dollars to settle police abuse claims.

"If you put this much taxpayer money out in settlements, how can you say everything was justified?" said Rebecca Raines, NAACP West Side branch

The NAACP also wants the Department of Justice to investigate. The Chicago Urban League is calling for that, too.

"It's a more systemic problem with the CPD," said Shari Runner, Chicago Urban League interim president and CEO

The U.S. Attorney's Office continues its probe into the Laquan McDonald shooting but Runner says the roots of corrupt policing in Chicago run much deeper than one case.

The Chicago Urban League is writing a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking the Justice Department to launch a pattern and practice investigation into CPD, similar to investigations conducted in Baltimore, Cleveland, and Ferguson.

The Chicago Urban League also joining the chorus of voices who want the police superintendent and the state's attorney ousted.