Anita Alvarez calls critics ‘wrong and misinformed’ in wake of shooting video, charges

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CHICAGO -- Rightly or wrongly, Anita Alvarez has taken the brunt of criticism from the public about the amount of time it took to investigate the killing of Laquan McDonald and charging Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke with first degree murder.

Alvarez says a joint investigation with the U.S. Attorney’s Office on this case did make it longer, but that it was worth it: it built a solid case.

On Wednesday she responded to accusations of police trying to cover-up what happened -- and the calls for her to resign.

It’s the partnership with the FBI and U.S. Attorney, she says, that made for a longer investigation.

Meanwhile questions remain on what some call missing evidence, specifically 86 minutes of surveillance video from a Burger King a half-block from the shooting scene.

What’s more, Alvarez is in a political battle to defend the decisions made during a campaign for her re-election.