Chicago’s ticket amnesty program begins today

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CHICAGO --  If you have a big parking ticket you haven’t paid off, and the penalties on it keep adding up, you’ll have a chance to pay it penalty-free starting today.

City is offering a deft relief or amnesty program.

It includes any tickets or fines you were issued before January 1, 2012.

That could be a parking ticket, red light ticket, building code violation, drinking on the public way or unpaid taxes.

Starting today, the city will let you pay up without having to pay any late penalties, interest or collection costs.

You’ll have through December 31 to pay off tickets.  But violations that are already being paid off through a payment plan aren’t eligible.

The relief plan was passed as part of the mayor’s 2016 budget which is hitting residents with a massive property tax increase.

The last time the city held a debt relief program was in 2008, also had them in ‘05 and ’02, each of those helped bring in $7 million -$9 million.



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