Ventra set to launch new app

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CHICAGO – Metra, CTA and Pace are preparing to launch their new Ventra app in the coming weeks.

The app is designed to be quick and easy.

But two years ago, when the agencies first introduced the Ventra card to customers, it wasn’t so easy. Card reader problems and other user headaches were reported.

But with the kinks worked out, CTA and Pace riders have one card they can use seamlessly – and with the app, Metra riders will soon join in.

Using the app, Metra riders will be able to purchase virtual tickets and simply display them to the conductor.

Riders without smartphones, or those hesitant to download the app, will still be able to use paper tickets.

CTA and Pace riders will still use Ventra cards and tap for entry but with the app, money can be added to the card on the go. Developers are working on a virtual ticket riders can tap but this is not part of the release.

Also, Metra, CTA and Pace riders will all be able to check their balances on the app and track their buses and trains.

There is no official release date on the app – just in the coming weeks.