Fox Lake Fallout: No defensive wounds so what took the suicide ruling so long?

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As  details continue to come out on the death of Fox Lake officer Joe Gliniewicz, WGN Investigates is taking a look back at the investigation itself.

It was evident Gliniewicz was in top physical condition.  His personnel file is filled with commendations on his training.

WGN Investigates obtained a copy of the coroner’s report from the day died. A couple hours after Gliniewicz died near a swamp at a abandoned concrete factory, a deputy coroner noted:  “I did not observe any obvious signs of trauma or defensive wounds.”

Yet authorities continued to claim Gliniewicz’s death was a homicide.

10 days later when the coroner suggested that that Gliniewicz’s death was either a homicide, suicide or undecided, he was blasted by the Task Force.

A month later again, investigators continued to call the death a homicide because of DNA and signs of a struggle.

Finally, two months later, the police commander describes the lieutenant as a master stager of crime scenes.  Yet the biggest clue that there were no defensive wounds on his hands and his uniform was known from the beginning.

From day one, the crime scene never changed. The physical evidence remains the same. The public was left wondering if it was safe to go out and about.

WGN Investigates has also learned more details in the marriage the Gliniewicz family allegedly orchestrated.

Lake County investigators say they found evidence Joe Gliniewicz had an affair with a Katie Grams, then convinced her to marry Gliniewicz's son DJ to boost DJ's army benefits. A marriage can increase benefits by thousands per year.

WGN has obtained pictures of woman;  One with Gliniewicz and another with two unknown individuals.

Also, WGN Investigates has learned that after Gliniewicz killed himself, Grams convinced the Volo Auto Museum to raffle off this rare police car for the Gliniewicz family fund.

Why Volo?Grams was also married for a short time to one of the Volo Museum owners, Brian Grams.

Grams is filing for custody of their child after he heard about the sham marriage controversy.