Teenagers rescue elderly woman from flooded home

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Austin Parrish, Preston Mosley, and Austin Rucks visit Sallie Cole days after rescuing her from rising flood water in Kountze, Texas.

(KOUNTZE, TEX) 93 Year old Sallie Cole was trapped inside her Texas home when the water came in.

The flood around her house was high, and she was trapped.

The water was rising by the minute, and her grandson couldn’t get to her.

But three teenagers saw him on the side of a road and decided to help.

Austin Rucks, Preston Mosley, and Austin Parrish all worked together to reach the house.”Like a lake pretty much, just a big ole lake completely around,” said Mosley.  “This road was flooded, the other one was flooded, and that road was flooded and it was just horrible.””So we ran over here, got a little wet, swam a little bit I guess you can say,” said Rucks. “I ain’t never seen anything like it honestly. It was over my waist and I’m 6’3.”  “We locked arms, we put her between our arms, set her down, and carried her on out,” said Mosley.””She needed some stuff, her walker and stuff, so we came back in here. Yeah, it was bad,” said Parrish.The boys reunited with Cole a few days later.”If you need any yard work done, anything, then me and buddies will come over and we’re more than happy to help you,” Mosley told Cole.
Cole offered the boys money for helping her, but they turned it down.