Man’s close call with utility pole in downtown Chicago caught on tape

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CHICAGO – A man walking in downtown Chicago today had an extremely close call when it came to serious injury.  And the whole incident was caught on video.

Luis Zambrano was on his way to a meeting on Michigan Ave when a vehicle snagged a utility cable behind him.  The pole fell and almost struck Luis.

Luis said he was a little shocked at first and had to move slightly to avoid being hit.

“Watching the video really brought it to a reality check.  Because at first, it’s more like a shock.  But once you see it again after thinking about it for a bit, it was my lucky day for sure.”

But what shocked him the most was the reaction of the workers when he confronted them about it. He was expecting maybe an apology but he said he got no response.

“I just walked up to them and I was like ‘You know some could have really been hurt there.  I  could have  been killed.’   And the just stone-faced me like I wasn’t even there.”

WGN news reached out to the city of Chicago. A spokesman said a Dept of Water Management crew caught a low-hanging OEMC video cable which took down the pole.  They’re making repairs.

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