It’s Rahm vs Rauner in state budget battle

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CHICAGO -- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Governor Bruce Rauner needs to stop the name-calling and the governor says he plans to send some dead fish to the mayor. The two old friends continue to spar over the lack of a state budget.

After the Chicago City Council green-lighted Emanuel's budget with a record property tax hike, the governor’s office released a statement on Thursday saying, "The mayor needs to get serious about whether he is going to be a reformer or just another tax-and-spend politician who wants to blame someone else for their failures.”

“I would just say this to the governor and the governor's office, you're 120 days without a budget, $6 billion and counting in not paying bills,” Emanuel said on Friday. “Stop name-calling and do your job.”

Appearing at a Chicago butcher shop, Rauner had some cutting comments of his own.

“I understand why he's sensitive right now. He's very sensitive. He's got a lot of really angry constituents and they're angry for good reason. I am taking a position for the long term and change is hard,” said Rauner.

Rauner's joke is a reference to an infamous story about Emanuel sending a dead fish to a pollster he was not pleased with.

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