Parents allow 5-year-old to choose ‘heaven or hospital’

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PORTLAND, Ore. — A 5-year-old girl dying of an incurable disease was recently given a choice: heaven or the hospital.

CNN reports Julianna Snow could die from any germ that comes her way, even just a common cold. Her illness has sent her to the hospital before, and Snow had had enough. Her parents gave her a decision more commonly made by adults: She could either continue going to the hospital, or die at home.

Snow, 5, said she trusted in God enough to choose the latter.

An exchange between Snow and her parents showed the heart-wrenching moment when the girl acknowledges if she stays home, she will not live. Her parents tell her she would go to heaven, but that they “won’t come with [her] right away.”

“That’s OK. God will take care of me,” Snow said. “He’s in my heart.”

The parents also emphasize that should she go back to the hospital, they could make her better. The girl acknowledges this, but still stands by her decision.

According to CNN Snow suffers from CMT, a nervous system disorder often characterized by loss of muscle tissue. She had actually inherited from her father, but his case was far less severe.

The parents said in a blog post that they supported their daughters’ decision to choose heaven over the hospital.

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