Anxious Chicagoans keep tabs on loved ones in Hurricane Patricia through social media

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CHICAGO -- In Chicago, people with loved ones in Mexico and Texas have been having a hard time reaching them during Hurricane Patricia, and they're getting anxious.

As American relief workers stand by to assist in the recovery effort, Mexican Americans are tracking developments.

The Mexican consulate in Chicago is monitoring the storm as people check in with family south of the border.

With Hurricane Patricia pounding Mexico`s Pacific coast, many Mexican Americans in Chicago are worried about loved ones.

Alex Mariscal and her family told WGN when they saw the size of Patricia they thought about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that storm left behind.

When Patricia closed in on Mexico, Mariscal was particularly concerned about her Uncle Sergio. She had seen pictures of his neighborhood with businesses boarded up.

But Alex found Sergio was okay, thanks to social media.

Mike Hernandez was also concerned about his loved ones. Hernandez hoped for the best and also kept an eye on the Facebook “safety check” service.

The Mexican consulate says it may issue a statement after the damage is assessed.

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