Businesses bring the goods during Cubs’ playoff run

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CHICAGO -- All across Chicagoland Cubs fans are showing their love for the team.

Of course bars and fans are sporting their Cubbie blue and their "W" flags -- especially on game day. But many businesses are getting into the act as well. Cubbie pizzas and treats are ongoing as the team continues its stretch of October baseball.

The folks over at Eli's Cheesecake have come up with a "slice" of Cubs cake, which is actually two cheesecakes turned into a large slice, topped with strawberries and a large cookie made out of cheesecake crust, as well as the "W" flag. This is available while the team is playing postseason ball.

The french pastry shop Vanille is now offering up a specialty Cubs cookie in the team's honor, as well as a cupcake, the "stud muffin," named after the team's very own stud, pitcher Jake Arrieta.

Eli's cheesecakes are available for local delivery, mail order or at their bakery.

And you can find the stud muffin at Vanille on on North Clark.

And remember that "Back to the Future II" tie-in to this season: The Cubs winning the World Series against Miami in 2015.

This coming Wednesday is actually the day in the movie McFly traveled back to the future with Doc Brown. Big fans of the movie, the guys over at Pipeworks Brewing have been planning their newest beer launch around the special date. And a big party is being hosted for its launch as well as the Cubbies continued run for a 2015 World Series.

The Twin Pines Mall will debut at the Emporium Arcade in Wicker Park on Wednesday,  flowing as screens blast "Back to the Future II" and its predicted World Series hopefuls, the Cubs.

Pipeworks Brewing has grown exponentially in the last few years, expecting to pump out about 6 or 7 thousand barrels of beer this year. The new "Back to the Future" brew will be available at stores across our area after that launch party.

For more information:

Eli’s Cheesecake Bakery Café

6701 W. Forest Preserve Dr.


Vanille patisserie

2108 N. Clark St.

Pipeworks Brewing:

Launch Party

Wed. Oct. 21st

Doors open at 5 p.m. (party officially starts at 7 p.m.)

1366 N. Milwaukee Ave.