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Stressed? Trying flotation therapy

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NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- We have cell phones, and computers, traffic, kids, jobs.. Busy stressful life styles that are difficult to disconnect from..

Lindsay Reinhardt and her husband Paul are the founders of the Anicca  Float Club in Naperville, the first dedicated floatation center to open in Illinois in more than 30 years and only the second in the state.

Physically, the session is simple. Clients slip into 10-inches of water containing a thousand pounds of Epson salt.  They lay back and let the water lift the body.  The sensory depriving environment tunes the mind.

Scott equates the immediate after effects to those of a massage.  There’s deep relaxation, lower stress and deep meditation.

It all comes with a little practice.

Some professionals also say it can help with chronic pain as well as help athletes.

Anicca Float Club

4S100 N Route 59, Suite 6

Naperville, IL



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