Burger King’s black Halloween Whopper has surprising after effect, according to social media

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MIAMI -- A new social media hashtag is shedding some light on a surprising after effect of the new Burger King sandwich.

The burger chain recently unveiled its "A1 Halloween Whopper," which is served on a dark bun. In a Twitter unveiling, Burger King said, "Something wicked is coming."

Little did they know how right they'd be.

According to social media, the new burger, which not only has an oddly dark bun but is also baked with A1 sauce, goes in one color and comes out another.

According to multiple reports, the sandwich turns people's poop green.

A #greenpoop hashtag emerged on Twitter, with many customers claiming ill effects from the burger.

Frightening, indeed.

The special Whopper also comes with a few more calories and higher fat count than the regular Whopper.